The monkey and the shark

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The monkey and the shark

The \'monkey\'

The \'shark\'

Gavin, bless his little heart, has some pretty strange fears. The ‘monkey’, (i.e. frog) and the ‘shark’ (i.e. dolphin) are bath toys that we’ve had since the kids were babies. They were part of the load of toys that got dumped into the tub for entertainment at bathtime every day. The dolphin is a little wind-up toy that swims around, and Gavin used to love it when he was a baby.

Out of the blue, he started to freak during his bath when Genevieve was playing with it. He made us take it out of the tub and hide it behind the bathroom door.  “No shark”, he kept telling us. “Shark will get you!” Shark?? Oops….maybe he wasn’t quite ready to watch ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Shark Tale’! Around the time he became afraid of the shark he started getting scared of the frog, which he insists is a monkey even though it says “Ribbit!” when its belly is squeezed.

At first, the monkey and the shark had to be hidden behind the bathroom door. He didn’t want us to take them to the basement (our first inclination) or throw them away. He snuck upstairs several times a day to peek behind the door to make sure they were still there. After a week or so, they moved to the linen closet where he continued to check on them daily. He gradually started to forget them…until I took the pics for this blog. He suddenly decided that the frog is a ‘good monkey’ and has started to carry him around, though if anyone makes the frog ribbit, he screams “Don’t make the sound!” and runs away. The shark is still bad. “That’s a very bad shark, Mommy. He’ll get you and bite you”, he says.


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