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We put them off as long as possible because it is so.friggin.painful to take Gavin for a haircut. Today he managed to consume two lollipops while righteously freaking out. They didn’t even slow him down. On a positive note, he didn’t seem to be traumatized for the rest of the day like he has in the past. Anyway, he now looks like a little man and I don’t have to threaten to tie his bangs up like a shih-tzu anymore. 😉 We took about 2 inches of Genevieve’s hair too – now it just reaches her shoulders and looks super cute.

Here’s the Gav at dinner:

Pics of Genevieve just weren’t happening today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better luck.

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Christmas 2005

These are for Aunt Tracey (the Great):

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Daddy’s girl

Forgot to post this from a few weeks ago!

The munchkins just started watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ all the way through recently. Up until now, the witch scared them too badly and we always had to turn it off. One Saturday morning when I was home with them, Genevieve watched it to the end for the first time. I had put it on the portable DVD player on their little table in the living room while they ate breakfast, and she stayed in her seat, completely enthralled, until the end. When it was over, she came running to me in tears.

Me: What’s wrong?
Genna: I’m sad, Mommy!
Me: Why? The movie has a happy ending!
Genna: No! She has to leave her Daddy! That’s sad!
Me: But she marries the prince and is happy with him.
Genna: No Mommy, she has to leave her Daddy and that’s sad. She’ll miss him!

Can you tell she is a Daddy’s girl? 🙂

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PPI Picnic

Friday was our picnic at work – held at Hains Point (East Potomac Park) in DC.  We took the kids and unleashed them on my coworkers. 🙂 Genevieve ran around like a social butterfly, Gavin clung to either David or me and ate potato chips like it was his job. The park was super nice and we got the prime site next to the playgrounds this year, which the kids loved. I didn’t bring my camera (busy herding munchkins) but my friend Melissa did and got some pics of the kids. Thanks Melissa!

Genevieve with Aunt Nicole:

David and Gavin:

Genevieve trying to train Suki’s dogs for the circus 😛

Another coworker’s dog:

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I came home from work last night to complete chaos. Genevieve couldn’t find her Dogdog anywhere, and David couldn’t remember when she had it last. He knew she had it for her nap, but thought that maybe she had taken it outside with her afterwards even though she’s not allowed. A frantic manhunt (doghunt?) ensued for close to an hour. David searched the house, I searched outside even though it was storming. Everyone panicked. We were almost ready to give up when David found him, stuffed behind the toyboxes in the corner of the living room. Genevieve said he was hiding there because he was scared of the thunderstorms. 😉 I guess it’s time start cracking down on the rule that Dogdog and Kitty never ever leave the house! My heart can’t take that again!

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Baby Gavin

The trek through our old pictures continues! These two pictures were taken in December 2005, so Gav was just about a month old.

#1: I forgot how much of a chunk he was. 🙂


#2 – Gavin was just entranced by the fishies that spun around on the Ocean Wonders swing. It is seriously God’s gift to parents (along with portable DVD players!). Even if we weren’t in the room, we could tell when the fishies stopped swimming (10 mins I think was the limit) by the screaming that started.

PS – Notice the Steelers sleeper? 🙂


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New pics!

Mom just posted the pics she took of the kids over Memorial Day weekend on her blog. Go see!!!

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