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Gavin seems to be going through a phase in which he is scared of everything.  Some are understandable (the shark fear), some just make me wonder about what’s going on in that little noggin of his (lint??).  This calls for a new list!

Gavin’s fears of the moment:

  • Sharks – we’ve covered this one before.
  • Babies (especially those just learning to walk) – The kids and I often go to a coffee shop in downtown Silver Spring on the weekends. The coffee there is amazing and best of all, there’s a separate playroom for kids with tiny tables, toys, chalkboards, etc. One Sunday morning, Gavin would not leave my lap and refused to go play with the other kids. There was a little baby girl toddling around (looked about a year old) and whenever she came near us, Gavin would bury his face in my shoulder and whimper. The next weekend, Nicole came with us and witnessed Gavin’s freakouts whenever babies came near him. “Baby will get you!”, he says.  I’m not sure where this fear came from, but it’s definitely putting a damper on Mommy’s weekend socializing at the coffee shop. 😉
  • Lint/fuzz that look like bugs (but not actual, real bugs) – Thankfully, this one seems to be on its way out. For a week or two, Gavin would scream “Bug! Bug!” whenever he saw lint on our carpet, and we had to run the vacuum to make him stop screaming. Every time. Our carpets were reeeeeaally clean. Ironically, he loves to play with real bugs outside. Go figure!
  • Lawnmowers (or anything that sounds like a lawnmower) – Any time he hears a sound that might be coming from a lawnmower, he needs to be held until it stops. Last weekend we went to the Olney farmer’s market and there was a big generator there to power all of the food booths. I spent an hour walking around with Gavin clamped onto my shoulder (and my friends wonder why I’m so strong!;) ).
  • Bathtime Elmo – Elmo used to be a regular bath toy and now hangs out on the towel bar in our shower. Gavin is scared of him but won’t let us move him anywhere else. Recently he won’t go upstairs by himself since “Elmo is up there! Elmo will get you!” – and Elmo is apparently responsible for every injury he’s had. The huge mosquito bite on his leg? “Elmo did that!” The scrapes and bruises he got when Genevieve ran over him on her bike? “Elmo did that!”
  • The “bad pumpkin” – We have a book called ‘Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?’ that used to be his absolute favorite book (he can’t wait to go trick or treating again!) and we read it every night for at least 6 months. All of a sudden, he decided that there was a ‘bad pumpkin’ on the book and we can’t keep it in his room anymore. For a spell he was making us promise that the bad pumpkin book was in Genevieve’s room every night before bed.

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