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Genevieve wanted to ‘put Gavin to bed’ herself – so she got a book and was reading to him while they rocked. So cute! This was loaded from my cell phone, so excuse the teeny size and bad quality!

*Update* Sorry BLS peeps, guess Google Video is blocked. Watch at home!


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Trip to the lake

The munchkins and I trekked out to Lake Needwood on Saturday. It’s a teeny lake about 15 minutes away where David used to go fishing, and it has a nice walking/biking trail that connects to Rock Creek Park. I had hoped to stick to the trail with the kids and stay away from the lake itself – it’s very deep, and I don’t trust Genevieve not to jump in when I’m not looking. Gavin I don’t have to worry about, he’d no sooner jump in water (lake, swimming pool, bathtub) than a cat would. 🙂 Anyway, once we got there and they saw water, I knew the trail was a no-go. They had a blast exploring the path along the lake and watching the geese that were hanging around. It ended up being quite a short trip because a. even in the shade, it was HOT (94ish degrees), and b. Mommy saw a snake (!!). I brought the camera along in case I happened to see a great location and/or in case the kids lost their minds and decided to cooperate for pictures. 😉

1. Playing in the ‘forest’ (according to Genevieve). “Mom, where’s the dragons?”

2. Gavin waving to the ‘ducks’, trusty car in hand:

3. Genevieve was fascinated by the geese:

Last one: they were playing hopscotch on the path. 🙂

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