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It’s a miracle!!!

I’m still in shock.

A few months ago, I joined a gym near my house. I already belong to one at work, but I wanted to be able to go at night or on the weekend. The great thing about the one I joined is that it has childcare for super cheap! I was so excited, thinking I would be able to get 2 workouts (and showers!) in each weekend, and the kids could play and have fun. Then I remembered Gavin and his attachment issues. 😉 I braved one trip with the kids and as expected, Gavin freaked out when I tried to leave. Rather than subject everyone in the gym to his wailing, I sat with the kids for 15 minutes and then just gave up and took them home. Since then I’ve taken Genevieve by herself since she loves it there and I just leave Gavin at home with David.

Fast forward to this weekend. Genevieve had been begging to go all week, and I thought heck, might as well try taking them both again. We had some errands to run before lunch but I didn’t think this experiment would last longer than a few minutes. 🙂 I took them in and Genevieve immediately ran off to play. One of the girls who worked there came over to help me sign in (she was really cute) and Gavin perked right up. He wanted to give her hugs, and I asked her to hold him while I left to distract him. So…..I left. And he didn’t cry! It was amazing! The only slight problem was that I didn’t actually plan on working out – so I didn’t have my ipod, water, or appropriate clothing, lol. I sort of wandered around for 15 minutes then went back to get the kids. They were both playing with toys and the other kids there, and Gavin seemed perfectly happy.

This opens up a whole new world! I can work out on the weekends! Heck, I can shower on the weekends! We might possibly be able to get a babysitter without traumatizing Gavin and start to have a life again!

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