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He’s a modern, metro guy

That’s what I told my husband when Gavin wanted to take his man-bag (aka purse) to all the stores with us yesterday. If it keeps him quiet at the store, I’m down with it.

Gavin and his man bag:

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The little mermaid

Genevieve fully believes that Halloween is coming any day now. She decided that she wants to be a mermaid and has been asking repeatedly to go shop for costumes. Yesterday I took the kids to HomeGoods (it’s like TJ Maxx, but only home stuff) to shop for a chair – and lo, and behold, what do they have but little girls’ costumes including a mermaid costume. HomeGoods, of all places! Genevieve went nuts and it was only $16.99 so I bought it. I got a size 4/6 and it *barely* fits her – I hope she can actually wear it by Halloween!

(cell phone pics)

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Sad but cute at the same time

Gavin must be going through some sort of an attachment phase. Last week when I was at work, David called and told me that Gavin had gotten out our little photo album that has pictures of Genevieve’s birth. He was sitting and looking at pictures of me and crying. David asked him why he was crying and he said that he missed Mommy. 😦 😦 The next day was Saturday, so I was home and David was at work. Gavin dug out a toy cellphone that the kids have – it has some prerecorded messages on it and you can also record your own. David had a message on there saying “I love you Gavin, you little stinker.” Gavin went and curled up in the hallway and was listening to it over and over and crying again. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he missed Daddy. The next day when David was at work, he was looking at the album again, only at pictures of David. I hope he snaps out of this soon, because I already have all of the working-mother guilt that I can handle. I can’t take any extra! 😉

Here’s a bonus pic of him passed out, one of the 14 total minutes he slept out of 10 hours of drive time. 🙂

(cell phone pic)

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My plea to Disney

Please, please, pretty please, occaisionally show a Disney Priness wearing pants. Or shorts. Or capris.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

a frustrated mother of a 3 year old girl

Seriously, 30 minute battle yesterday over getting dressed to go to the farm. She wanted to wear a dress, which just was not practical, and said she couldn’t wear pants because “then I won’t be a princess!” She wouldn’t buy my ‘princess is a state of mind’ argument.

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Vacation recap

We are finally back, unpacked, and mostly settled into our normal routine. The kids had tons of fun. The highlights:

  • Sleeping: they surprisingly slept really well, even at the hotel! I think having both kids in one room helped a lot. While they did stay up talking and playing for about an hour after we put them to bed, they didn’t fuss or scream.
  • Genevieve swims like a fish! We put her floaties on and she just paddled around for hours. Gavin is much better with the lake than he was last year. By the end of the week, he was playing in the water chest-deep without any fuss. He also liked for me to hold him and let him float around out in the deeper water.
  • Mealtimes were impossible. The kids are so so so picky and completely unable to sit through dinner on their own. This was especially an issue in all of the restaurants we stopped in during the long drive. A lot of the reason the kids are like this is due to the fact that we almost never take them out to eat. It’s so hard and stressful, not to mention expensive, that it just doesn’t seem worth it. Getting them to eat normal food and have some sort of table manners is our next parenting ‘project’.
  • I think both kids enjoyed spending time with the family. You know that Genevieve just loves being around people! Gavin was more outgoing than he’s been and he especially loves Uncle Steve (‘he’s a funny guy’, he keeps saying). He still had some attachment issues – God forbid if David or I left the room – but overall much better than he’s been.

And finally, I know that some of you are waiting for pictures, but you are goind to be disappointed. The camera never left its bag. It was just too much of a pain to lug the beast of a camera down to the beach, keep it safe, etc. I’ll try to take some pictures of the munchkins this weekend to make up for it, ok?

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