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He’s a modern, metro guy

That’s what I told my husband when Gavin wanted to take his man-bag (aka purse) to all the stores with us yesterday. If it keeps him quiet at the store, I’m down with it.

Gavin and his man bag:

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Sad but cute at the same time

Gavin must be going through some sort of an attachment phase. Last week when I was at work, David called and told me that Gavin had gotten out our little photo album that has pictures of Genevieve’s birth. He was sitting and looking at pictures of me and crying. David asked him why he was crying and he said that he missed Mommy. 😦 😦 The next day was Saturday, so I was home and David was at work. Gavin dug out a toy cellphone that the kids have – it has some prerecorded messages on it and you can also record your own. David had a message on there saying “I love you Gavin, you little stinker.” Gavin went and curled up in the hallway and was listening to it over and over and crying again. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he missed Daddy. The next day when David was at work, he was looking at the album again, only at pictures of David. I hope he snaps out of this soon, because I already have all of the working-mother guilt that I can handle. I can’t take any extra! 😉

Here’s a bonus pic of him passed out, one of the 14 total minutes he slept out of 10 hours of drive time. 🙂

(cell phone pic)

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Sleep update

It’s starting to get a little better. Monday night he only screamed for 20 minutes though it felt like much, much longer. Tuesday for nap it was only 15 minutes, and last night he fussed for amaybe a minute when we put him down, then another minute when Genevieve woke him up later on. He also slept through the night!

We leave for vacation on Saturday and will be sharing a room with both kids for 8 days…everyone cross your fingers!

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At my wit’s end

Oh, Gavin. You are lucky you’re cute. 😛

Here’s the deal: this kid will. not. sleep. He’s never been a good sleeper, but this week it’s escalated into screaming for hours on end before naptime and bedtime. The past few nights we’ve put him down around 8:30 and he screamed until past 10. Even Benadryl hasn’t helped (yes, we’ll try anything at this point). He’s trying every ploy he can think of to get out of bed – I need hugs, I’m scared, I have to go potty, etc. If we get him out of his crib and rock him he’ll calm down and sometimes go to sleep, but the second we put him back in he starts freaking out again. I’m not sure there’s anything left to do other than let him cry (though I will still get him when he has to go potty), but I’m open to suggestions. Help me!! We NEED him to get over this before we leave for vacation in a week!

~ a very tired Stacey

July 21, 2008 at 3:22 pm 1 comment

It’s a miracle!!!

I’m still in shock.

A few months ago, I joined a gym near my house. I already belong to one at work, but I wanted to be able to go at night or on the weekend. The great thing about the one I joined is that it has childcare for super cheap! I was so excited, thinking I would be able to get 2 workouts (and showers!) in each weekend, and the kids could play and have fun. Then I remembered Gavin and his attachment issues. 😉 I braved one trip with the kids and as expected, Gavin freaked out when I tried to leave. Rather than subject everyone in the gym to his wailing, I sat with the kids for 15 minutes and then just gave up and took them home. Since then I’ve taken Genevieve by herself since she loves it there and I just leave Gavin at home with David.

Fast forward to this weekend. Genevieve had been begging to go all week, and I thought heck, might as well try taking them both again. We had some errands to run before lunch but I didn’t think this experiment would last longer than a few minutes. 🙂 I took them in and Genevieve immediately ran off to play. One of the girls who worked there came over to help me sign in (she was really cute) and Gavin perked right up. He wanted to give her hugs, and I asked her to hold him while I left to distract him. So…..I left. And he didn’t cry! It was amazing! The only slight problem was that I didn’t actually plan on working out – so I didn’t have my ipod, water, or appropriate clothing, lol. I sort of wandered around for 15 minutes then went back to get the kids. They were both playing with toys and the other kids there, and Gavin seemed perfectly happy.

This opens up a whole new world! I can work out on the weekends! Heck, I can shower on the weekends! We might possibly be able to get a babysitter without traumatizing Gavin and start to have a life again!

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Fears – again, some more.

7. garbage trucks
8. the coffee grinder
9. thunder and lightning

10. helicopters
11. planes
12. motorcycles

….let’s just say ‘anything that makes noise’ and call it a day.

PS – if anyone has some tips on how to convince Gavin that these things will not get him/hurt him so we can start sleeping again, let me know. I’m all out.

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More fears

Gavin is now afraid of:

– garbage trucks
– the coffee grinder
– thunder and lightning

We’ve dealt with three trash pickups at 6am, storms a few nights this week, and lawnmowers almost every morning – it’s been a loooooong, exhausting week. 😦

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